The Pan-Armenian Symphony Orchestra is a unique artistic initiative featuring musicians - Armenians by origin: the one and only orchestra in the world comprised of 84 musicians from different countries but of one nationality - Armenians. The orchestra consisting of not common musicians, but of true cultural individuals-leading musicians of our times, soloists, headliners of world renowned orchestras!  

We are called upon to prove that no matter where the Armenians were born, grew up or aged - they have always been Armenians and will be such for millennia. And they are the ones who can come together from the entire world to change the history of their motherland and stand for the cultural values. Today we speak the universal language, the music, to make the whole world watch, speak of and follow us.

Our power is in our unity! The mission of the orchestra is to put a spotlight on Armenia and its century old culture on the international level, to make the whole world reveal the country as a huge cultural hub, to demonstrate the unity and uniqueness of the Armenian nation and to use all the appropriate international platforms as a history making events for the Armenians!

The performance of the Pan-Armenian Symphony Orchestra will take place throughout the 40th Gramophone Awards Ceremony in London on September 13, 2017. Specially invited conductor Sergey Smbatyan will lead the orchestra. Armenian musicians will be the headliners on the world's main stage making the whole musical elite speak of Armenia, its talented musicians and the high level of their performing art. Next after the London Symphony Orchestra Pan-Armenian Symphony Orchestra will be the official orchestra of the Gramophone Awards.

This event will change the course of our lives forever: the invaluable asset is not only performing but having a unique chance to communicate with decision makers - over 300 authoritative guests from classical music industry at a star-stabbed event. The event is attended by the world’s leading artists, the ones who can change destinies!

Sergey Smbatyan's Office

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Yerevan Armenia

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