2016 was a revolutionary is the history of Khachaturian International Competition. A new specialty was introduced, later on to be treated as a special project within the competition.

Though being a pilot one, Khachaturian conducting competition received a status of a high ranking competition, described as a very successful initiative and demanded in the classic music market.

Sergey Smbatyan, the founder of Khachaturian conducting competition and the competition itself, was supported by the leaders of the field, to name a few Constantin Orbelian, Mark Hildrew, John Fisher, David Whelton, Vag Papian and many more.

As noted by David Whelton, managing director of London “Philharmonia” Orchestra, the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, the official orchestra of the competition, gave intensity, depth and tremendous enthusiasm to the contest.  This is the merit of the conductor.

Conducting specialty became the member of World Federation of International Music Competitions from the very date of its establishment.

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