DasA project is aimed at making classical music available for the pupils of high schools of Yerevan. It is a large scale project aimed at the cultural education of a whole generation, a project that has its important role in the process of forming a progressive and intellectual society. 

The project is implemented in three stages:

First the orchestra members along with artistic director Sergey Smbatyan attend schools before each concert and through direct communication with children introduce the details of the coming concert, talk about the program, composers and classical music in general, answer the pupils’ questions and give tips about concert attendance ethics.

Then they attend concert at music hall.

The third stage is the discussion on onlie platforms.

The expected results are:

-at least 70% of pupils at meeting will attend concerts,

-20% participants will return to concerts again.

Sergey Smbatyan's Office

Mark Grigoryan St. 1a, 202

Yerevan Armenia

Phone: + 374 10 58 11 71

Mobile: +374 94 58 11 71

Email: office@smbatyan.am